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One of my best friends called my up last night in a state of shock and horror telling that she’s just found some five year old emo-poetry she’d written, but deleted months ago, where still on the internet for everyone to see…it was a really funny conversation (she’s probably Norwegian champion of late-night-phone-chit-chat), but it struck me afterwards that OMG I’m glad I didn’t blog when I was seventeen! But what do I do now? What if I blog about what interested me when I was seventeen, or even younger?
This week I’ve literary been 2 depressed 2 get dressed, and that combined with an awful need for nostalgia have led into a rather embarrassing collection of videos…what about
the diva dance from Luc Bessons “The Fifth Element”? When I was a sexual frustrated teenager living on this tiny island, then the diva dance provided the ultimate inspiration: the Jean Paul Gaultier-costumes (when I saw the movie on VHS, TLC had a hit with “No Scrubs” and it looks like their stylist thought the same), Milla Jovovich (I had the Calvin Klein-ads as screensaver so they would know I was straight) and techno-opera. And I guess it still gives me chills. ANYWAY: I just wanted to post this one:

3 kommentarer:

Pål Steinhard sa...

Det var vel ikke...? Var det..? Briller..? Nei jeg tror det ikke.. Nei? Nei.

amalie sa...


sånn kan det gå når du ikkje passe på

jommen sa eg smørrrrr

BarnmedHenrik sa...

Fuck. I'm positive you were lamer than me as 17-years-old. So, stop being such a wise-ass cowboy.