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Le Rêve

Sometimes you get real lucky when accidents and unknown things happens while youre trying to be creative and technical and not freeze to death at the same time.

This is one of the shots I got from our trip to sognsvann last week.

5 kommentarer:

Lars-Kristian sa...



BarnmedHenrik - Henrik_k2909@hotmail.com sa...

wow, it looks great. but if you feel like re-doing it i would be happy to freeze my ass of agian.

could you send me some of the other pictures?

martemjau sa...

cool pics!

Cyber puppy 007 sa...

ja, vi bør absolutt gjøre det igjen, litt mer forberedt. men ikke enda, jeg har hundre ting å ta igjen på skolen. Ill let ya know. og tusen takk, håper ikke du blei syk az.

dekadent sa...

I spy... something beautifuuul :)