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don't party on a week-day...

Børre Sæthre showed up in nice shoes

Darbu-reunion, Natalie (angora - oh ah!) and Silje

friend of Trond Erik (?)

Faggy rag worn by Mikaël
(mmm, chesthair)

So we live together, shop together and drink together - soon we'll synchronize our periods...

The absolutely fab Nils Bech with his beautiful show, accompanied by Bendik Giske and Even Bekkedal

that Crystle Castle-girl did her best...

...but the best part is always when we get the whole dancefloor for ourself

Trond Erik


oh well, I have more pics, stay tuned, as I'm busy with a rather ambitious performance-project this week...I'll upload some pics from that too, even if it goes really bad!

3 kommentarer:

becky sa...

cute pics, especially "ingeborg"(?) i'm kind of sick of stuck-up-fuck-you-pictures though

martemjau sa...

aaah, ingeborg! i love u!!!!! HOT STUFF

Karoline sa...

Angora genser, så funky.