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xmas workshop #1

Hello Hello, the shops already have started decorating for xmas and so I think it's about time we did too, here at 2depressed2getdressed

I'm planning on posting about DIY xmasgifts from now 'till xmas, just to set the right jolly holliday mood. hope your up for some good old', arts and crafts!

first suggestion is da da da...!!!!
knitted sweaters (or anything else knitted for that matter..)
yes I love knits... Im not any good at it myself though... but if you are, I think you should find some inspiration among these fine sweaters. oh and please do make me one! its cold in Oslo.
or you can always just customise an old jumper.. with emboidery, paljettes, gemstones, patchwork..whatever..

I once embroidered the word "Gonorea" on this pastel sweater, (I think it was about the same time I desided to take a break from all the drawing and painting stuff and go play numetal in a tiny town east in norway..), but my mom forced me to get rid of it 'couse it emberrased her...

anyways here is some stuff I found at Stitchy McYarnpants.com

aw I've got to get myself one of those... I love that retarded Disney look.

you can make any motif you like ( fex. dogs..) just use a grid to make the pattern

So simple even a Child can do it! ( I drew these two for me and my brother when I was six)

and this made me think of Marjan Pejoski and his AW 01 collection (you know the one with the Swan dress that Björk made infamous) so I post some pictures from it as well..

love the different texstures. (and yeah.. I love angora)

Porno Chic (..wow and look at those pants!)

Bikini babe (this one here is also from Stitchy McYarnpants)

burka style by Giles Deacon

my Mom and my Grandmother sent me some sweaters for Sara (little dogs like to stay warm too)

3 kommentarer:

Cyber puppy 007 sa...

haha. I remember yr Gonorea sweater. I think you wore it one of the first times I met you. @ Darbu or Oslo or whatever. I was like "WTF?????...uhmm... I LOVE IT!".

deprimert julatre sa...

oh yeah! what about a workshop this week?

deprimert julatre sa...

LOL! You where even better than Cassette Playa at the age of six Kaja! respect!