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Dolls and Dogs

Im not going to write about Daniel Edwards sculptures but they sure are lovely!

ok. ironically enough, Im not the biggest blogreader actually, but I have some exceptions.. one of them is Celebrity Dog Blog. Because Im really interested in dogs and celebrities (well, kind of..) and this saves me, well maybe not that much.. but at least some time and broadband capacity. This is some of the things you can expect:

classic - Missy Elliot with her little yorkie (yeah I choose that one because I've got one myself.. but its still a nice picture..)

Gwen Stefani has got herself a pair of Pulis to go with her Jamaica fetish (ofcourse)
but I think its cool when the stars go for less glamorouse and exotic dogs too..

..like MK olsen with her Labrador.
But lets face it, she makes everything from eating disorders to fashion failures work..

lol and I love this picture of Nicky Hilton walking a German Shephard. I mean, if your gonna use your dog as a fashion statement I think a German Shephard adds a hell lotta more edge than a purse pup! (but shes got one of those too...)

If your going for a mini though, my fav so far must be Mickey Rourke with his chihuahua/terrier mix, Loki. Its a tiny pussy dog, no matter how "masculine" you dress it up (?!) Rourke!

nah, seriousIy, this is the cutest. I think Im in love with Mr. Rourke especially after reading this tear dripping note one some website:

"Movie star MICKEY ROURKE was so distraught when his pet chihuahua BEAU JACK died three years ago (02) he couldn't return to his home for weeks.

The BARFLY star, who now dotes on his late pooch's daughter LOKI, admits he still finds it hard to talk about Beau Jack's death.

He recalls, "I gave him mouth-to-mouth for 45 minutes before they peeled me off. Depressed? He died at my home, and I didn't go back for two weeks."

Rourke now owns seven chihuahuas.

26/03/2005 01:28"

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