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xmas workshop #1

Hello Hello, the shops already have started decorating for xmas and so I think it's about time we did too, here at 2depressed2getdressed

I'm planning on posting about DIY xmasgifts from now 'till xmas, just to set the right jolly holliday mood. hope your up for some good old', arts and crafts!

first suggestion is da da da...!!!!
knitted sweaters (or anything else knitted for that matter..)
yes I love knits... Im not any good at it myself though... but if you are, I think you should find some inspiration among these fine sweaters. oh and please do make me one! its cold in Oslo.
or you can always just customise an old jumper.. with emboidery, paljettes, gemstones, patchwork..whatever..

I once embroidered the word "Gonorea" on this pastel sweater, (I think it was about the same time I desided to take a break from all the drawing and painting stuff and go play numetal in a tiny town east in norway..), but my mom forced me to get rid of it 'couse it emberrased her...

anyways here is some stuff I found at Stitchy McYarnpants.com

aw I've got to get myself one of those... I love that retarded Disney look.

you can make any motif you like ( fex. dogs..) just use a grid to make the pattern

So simple even a Child can do it! ( I drew these two for me and my brother when I was six)

and this made me think of Marjan Pejoski and his AW 01 collection (you know the one with the Swan dress that Björk made infamous) so I post some pictures from it as well..

love the different texstures. (and yeah.. I love angora)

Porno Chic (..wow and look at those pants!)

Bikini babe (this one here is also from Stitchy McYarnpants)

burka style by Giles Deacon

my Mom and my Grandmother sent me some sweaters for Sara (little dogs like to stay warm too)


ok! lets face the facts! we cant go dancing to bloghouse everyday plus its kinda over. at least in bergen. i know ozlo is lagging behind as usual..blah. well plus i also read in our beloved D2 that this winter beards are trendy....actually that were really depressing 2 read...I mean, what can a young man do when he, like me, doesnt have the ability to grow a beard? is this some really good propaganda by the beard-mafia cause they are old, and WE are not? hmmm

Go see Little Wings either you are in bergen or oslo. nice and silent singer-songwriter(yeah i know...) that has played with mr oldham, m.ward and the microphones to mention a few names. plus Jona from the blow plays the drums on his new album...

so bring your girl or boy, cuddle, drink red wine, and go home and spoon the night away...

before the concert with little wings they will screen a movie called wise old little boy, and after the show we can rock it up a bith with Strædets own rockstar Cederberg, AND THEN håvard, henning and birgitte will play all the indie-records you can dream off...

all this for only 25 kroners at Strædet pub, but you are free to pay more...just like Saul Williams and Radioheaaaaaad.hahhhhhh


farewell (for now)

Have a safe trip home to Australia, Jade!
si hi to Kaia for me, and come back real soon!


Kalle J - Vinslag

Best song 4 like... ever? At least for a long time.
Burt Bacharach (Make it easy on yourself) in double speed sounds soooo goooood.

Ill also treat you with some Glass Candy, for those of you who dont know this roller-disco band from overseas. oh man.

Glass candy - Rolling down the hills

Glass Candy - Candy Castle

"everything becomes strange......
.as we walk along on blurry diamonds"


My most played song of November...

The last song on A.R.E Weapons last record "Modern Mayhem" is called "Do You Wanna Hang Around?" and has been spinning on my stereo and in the back of my head since i first heard it...

DivShare File - 14 Do You Wanna Hang Around_.m4a

plus the band has a connection to miss Sevigny so im in my full right to post this picture!!! wohaa...

All my life I've been waiting for something ### patience is the key

After a strict diet of only eating ice cream, in combination with personality quizzes and super mario for the last two days Im starting to see everything crystal clear!

what is hot and what is not? I have no clue.. but, personally Im pro dressing up as foods(again)!

The black tights, white sneakers, the mustard ... you cant go wrong with this outfitget this one or choose from many other stylish outfits from buycostumes.com

Ah LOVE this. from BBC/Ice Cream. this is how to get that Jeremy Scott dress look just in a more casual maner, (coz lets face it, it looks pretty hard running to catch the bus in that dress, even tho Im sure Björk and Rosin Murphy would pull it off)

I'd wear it with my baby-pink throusers and a choclate or pistacio colored tee

oh and heres some tasty tunes to go with it:

Gravy Train!!! - Burger Baby

Disco Frigo -Marvy feat. Zingone feat. Nina
Mr. Ice Cream Inrtoduces - Soft Tigers
Hot In The Kitchen - Midnight Mike
Sugar Buzz - Electrocute
Chocolate,Raspberry, Lemon & Lime - Muscles
Hungry! - Stereo Total
Chocolate (rough mix) - FrYars
Lasagna - The Knife


Get drunk, find love!

Nils Bech is just sweetness in person! I meet him last summer on a Fitts For Fight-concert, and he just looked fantastic with his Jude Law-ich good looks and a tiny red shorts (just like the one I had in the D2-photoshoot). He was kinda sick of this electro-trash-stuff even then, as he’s been around dancing since Martine & Miriam pioneered the attitude in Norway years ago. You may have notice him in Snuten (yes, the handsome young one), or maybe you’ve seen him doing a cappella at various gallery-openings in Oslo, like here singing "I’ll Be Your Mirror" at the opening of "Robert Smithson" at Fotogalleriet.
If you've seen him perform somewhere somehow, then you’ll know that we love him…he dance like a maniac, has ever worse English than us and is probably every choirboy’s wet dream…(check out his skills in Bård Asks video
"Ni Estas Movado")

And how’s his solo-project? Oh well, a mix between classy diva pop and Alex Gaudinos “Destination Calabria”…judge yourself;-)

Nils Bech - Drunk Love

Ps: He’s written a song about internet too, more precisely the Norwegian gay-community-meeting-place gaysir.no:

Blogs: The Next Takeover Target? a.k.a Neu dot.com

"First came social networks. Then virtual worlds. Now blogs are dazzling the eyes of major media publishers as the next takeover targets."

As we are featured in the norwegian version of How 2 Spend it D2 today, I thought it was a good idea to blog about an bizznizz-related article on how blogs are the next takeover target. I guess Robert Murdoch or some finnish vodka-sauna-heads would be interested in investing in this blog?

We are also dreaming of playing at Petter Stordalens next party!!!

" That blogs -- which generally provide continuously updated commentary on a particular subject, such as politics, economics, local news, or entertainment -- are gaining acceptance by old media companies reflects their acknowledgement that Internet users would rather participate in the news than simply consume it. In addition, blogs are typically aimed at a niche audience; and each, with its own particular voice and point of view, develops a "community" of readers, and increases the potential for targeted advertising."

Read the whole article on RedOrbit that is quoting The Outlook...

"Standard & Poor's equity analyst Jim Peters believes that although newspaper publishers already have a significant Web presence, incorporating blogs makes their overall media offerings more encompassing and attractive. This is particularly true for younger generations, who are less likely than their parents to use traditional media for their information needs."

SHOW US THE MONEY!!! We will listen 2 any offers regarding product placement etc etc.

**oh yeah and buy DN today.!!!111 At least our beloved Moms will!!!


Hufsa, Mårran or The Groke...


(great try, but I miss her bodyshape with that neck and the big bum...)

I've been searching all over the web (flickr, google and youtube) and this is all I found...come on, the must be more out there? Anyway, next Halloween I'll dress up as Matthew Barney... :-p

Guess who I'm making...

Tissue-paper and tape is about the only material I manage in large scale, it's so cheap and easy. It have worked fine for me before, so I give it another try...anyway, I leave it to you to find out what I'm making...
(click on the picture above if you dare...)

greek-column installation from my year at Kunstskolen i Rogaland


The Owl Song

Lisa, my best friend back home, sent me this fantastic video and I almost started crying...can't wait to go home for christmas...she has a flickr-account now, go check it out, as she's my better half left in helgøysund. Check also out her hillarious youtube-favorites, for more owls, kittens and farts

don't party on a week-day...

Børre Sæthre showed up in nice shoes

Darbu-reunion, Natalie (angora - oh ah!) and Silje

friend of Trond Erik (?)

Faggy rag worn by Mikaël
(mmm, chesthair)

So we live together, shop together and drink together - soon we'll synchronize our periods...

The absolutely fab Nils Bech with his beautiful show, accompanied by Bendik Giske and Even Bekkedal

that Crystle Castle-girl did her best...

...but the best part is always when we get the whole dancefloor for ourself

Trond Erik


oh well, I have more pics, stay tuned, as I'm busy with a rather ambitious performance-project this week...I'll upload some pics from that too, even if it goes really bad!


Crystal Castles Interview!!!! EXxxxxclusive

this is what happens at CC shows...

lørdag 17. november 2007

yo! we have a blog called 2depressed2getdressed.blogspot.com based in norway...can I email you some questions for a mini interview?
as you are playing in norway-land soonish

Crystal Castles
all the dates are on the myspace page. we rarely get internet so an email interview is not a good idea. must go now =all the love

from my msn-log...

maybe they should put WLAN on their rider?

Crystal Castles play at Blå today
with Nils Bech as support... Read more at Smuglesning.no

yeahyeahyeah. they are noisy as hell, cant sing or play but I guess thats ataripunk 4 you my friends. enjoy! they do look good though

peach canei & polaroids

Deprimert julatre and Sjur was celebrating their moving-in with a party on Saturday. We didnt manage to take any photos but I stole these polaroids from Ellinors Flickr account.

>ok so I've got a whole lot of balloons..!

>kool, but are you sure you dont want gravelights ?
>nah.. I dont wanne burn down the place.. I know how we tend to act after a few drinx
>ok fair enough.
>but what should I do with the balloons, I think if we fill up the place no one will notice the lack of furniture
>yeah thats a good idea. just color coordinate the balloons that always look classy.
>yeah I think I'll do that.
>but you sure about those grave lights tho?


>hey do you have any gravelights? I think I could use them after all.
>ah ok.

ahh well it turned out great!


Chitchat with Siv Støldal

I think salesmen in clothing stores must hate me for all the namedropping and that whole ”yes, it’s a nice sweater, but I think there are lot of examples of designers that goes further, have you seen blablabla”…

but sometimes it pays off!
Like today, on the second floor in Steen & Strøm (Oslo attempt to make Harvey Nichols) when I for the second time tried on every single piece they’ve got in from the superb Siv Støldal. I just stood there, half naked, switched between the different jumpers, and suddenly there she was.

Ok, I’m not going even to try recreate the conversation. We just spoke about coming from the west-coast of Norway, Tyssøy, design-students lack of knowledge, motivation and how you make that tent out of coats…
But I got confirmed what I suspected: she must be the most down-to-earth designer out there. I guess that’s why she’s considered cutting edge.


i-Diot or i-Dol?

You know how it is...one minute you are drunk outside a club called Strædet,
and then the next day you are on the top of a Norwegian mountain doing a fashion shoot for i-D magazine from London...haha

Deprimert Julatre asked me to blog about this as it is kind of funny or at least not your regular day watching daytime TV in your briefs...

Here you can see me on top of a ice glazier?? eating a can of SODD(hahaha) bleeding all over a Paul Smith jacket because i cut my hand opening the tin can. hard knock life beeing a model. hah!

dont let the sun go down on meeeeeeeee

we also went fishing for whales in the FJORD. actually kind of fun!!

behind the scenes!!! wohooo. you can see Klaus Thymann in action. cool guy. he likes snowboarding and hardcore music. He has a book out in time for Xmas!!1

In one of the pics of Claudia, the danis girl they used some coats from Siv Støldal to make a tent..the funny part was that Klaus forgot how to put the coats toegether because he forgot the drawing from Siv so on top of a norwegian mountain he had to phone Siv so he could make the tent!!! kind of nice using norwegian designer in norwegian nature. bla bla

Then we closed it all off with a big party in a small cabin, eating whale MEAT, lobster, drinking champagne and cola and danced the night away. true story in the life of mr hotpants.

Also check out this song by a group called BOB